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Executive Action is the best in the business
Jamie Buchan, CEO

I received an excellent service from Executive Action tailored exactly to my needs
Simon Oakes, Senior Civil Servant

Executive Action are demonstrably experienced in their field, well-connected and always went that extra mile
Ash Marston, Head of IT

Executive Action are a pleasure to work with, even after placement they keep in contact to ensure all is well
Chris Browning, Managing Director

Having someone to talk things through with, to support me and push me to focus my ideas was fantastic
David Blackwood, Group Finance Director

Empowering and very time-effective way of answering some key questions
Clara Swinson, Senior Civil Servant

Its great strength is that it is tuned to the individual instead of process-driven
Peter Whittle, Group Strategic Development Director

As well as my dedicated consultant, there was always someone on hand to help with whatever was needed, from interview training to research
David Blackwood, Group Finance Director

Early Career Services

In recent years we have developed a response to requests from younger people at an earlier stage in their career, or from clients who have asked us to support their children. This service, known as the ‘Sons & Daughters’ programme, has been designed and delivered by Elizabeth Reddish, and is for:

Parents seeking advice for teenagers wondering whether or not to pursue their education to tertiary level, and if not, how to help them make decisions about their professional future

People in their twenties and early thirties who find themselves dissatisfied with their career choices and need assistance to take stock, evaluate alternative options and take strategic steps into the future