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Executive Action is the best in the business
Jamie Buchan, CEO

I received an excellent service from Executive Action tailored exactly to my needs
Simon Oakes, Senior Civil Servant

Executive Action are demonstrably experienced in their field, well-connected and always went that extra mile
Ash Marston, Head of IT

Executive Action are a pleasure to work with, even after placement they keep in contact to ensure all is well
Chris Browning, Managing Director

Having someone to talk things through with, to support me and push me to focus my ideas was fantastic
David Blackwood, Group Finance Director

Empowering and very time-effective way of answering some key questions
Clara Swinson, Senior Civil Servant

Its great strength is that it is tuned to the individual instead of process-driven
Peter Whittle, Group Strategic Development Director

As well as my dedicated consultant, there was always someone on hand to help with whatever was needed, from interview training to research
David Blackwood, Group Finance Director

Career Transition & Outplacement

What we do we offer a specialist senior executive outplacement and career transition service, tailored to individual’s needs. What we don’t do process-driven, ‘mass market’ solutions are not our style because, in our experience, they are of more perceived than genuine value.

Our career transition and outplacement services include:

Senior Executive Outplacement
We are immensely experienced in helping individuals to explore their options, plan their approach to the job market and implement the practical steps to make it happen

Portfolio Careers
A programme created for those seeking to develop a portfolio of Non-Executive Directorships, Trusteeships or other part-time roles

Consultancy/Business Start-up
Technical, practical and moral support for those looking to branch out on their own

Specialist Introductions
Introducing individuals to the market through our extensive network of mentors, recruiters, alumni and other contacts; in some cases setting up shadowing opportunities

HR Consultancy
Partnering with HR teams to provide expertise in managing downsizing with minimum business disruption; including managing those remaining in the organisation; also working with teams and individuals on Assessment and Development processes

Bespoke Workshops
In areas including Outplacement, Interview Training, CV Preparation, Networking Skills Development and Pre-Retirement Planning

Why Choose Executive Action?

Executive Action has been at the forefront of outplacement and career management for more than 25 years – longer than many of our competitors – during which time we have consistently led the way on new developments to meet the needs of clients (both corporate and individuals), built up a vast network of contacts and amassed substantial goodwill, greatly facilitating our ability to provide the process of career transition and outplacement.

Known for our innovative approach to career transition and management, we take on tough assignments and find people opportunities through lateral thinking – not by taking a tick box, standardised approach.

We do not advertise, but rely for our continued success on the quality of our programmes. Almost all of our work is ‘repeat business’: corporate clients who trust us to look after their employees again and again, or individuals who, when made redundant or planning a move will come back to us a second (or even third) time.

We have deliberately kept ourselves to a core team of dedicated expert consultants and specialist support staff, which means that we are able to offer greater flexibility and responsiveness in our service to both individuals and organisations. The diversity of the backgrounds of our consultants is key to helping clients who want to consider their options.

From the outset, we have made a point of not limiting ourselves to a particular sector, function or location, giving our clients the benefit of a broad perspective and the widest range of options.

Other special features of our work include:

  • Access to a first-class network
  • Professional writing support
  • Alumni benefits and events
  • The flexibility to swap programme elements