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Executive Action is the best in the business
Jamie Buchan, CEO

I received an excellent service from Executive Action tailored exactly to my needs
Simon Oakes, Senior Civil Servant

Executive Action are demonstrably experienced in their field, well-connected and always went that extra mile
Ash Marston, Head of IT

Executive Action are a pleasure to work with, even after placement they keep in contact to ensure all is well
Chris Browning, Managing Director

Having someone to talk things through with, to support me and push me to focus my ideas was fantastic
David Blackwood, Group Finance Director

Empowering and very time-effective way of answering some key questions
Clara Swinson, Senior Civil Servant

Its great strength is that it is tuned to the individual instead of process-driven
Peter Whittle, Group Strategic Development Director

As well as my dedicated consultant, there was always someone on hand to help with whatever was needed, from interview training to research
David Blackwood, Group Finance Director

Boardroom Career Services 

Our Boardroom Career Services, led by Nick Aitchison and Anne Isaacs, offer a deep understanding of how successful careers are built, accelerated and, if needed, recovered. Immensely experienced in providing authoritative career advice to senior people, Executive Action is amongst the very small number of UK firms able to offer credible support at this level.

Our advice is individually tailored to the particular needs of clients at (or en route to) Board or Executive Committee level. Typically, this will include:

  • main board executive directors
  • executive committee members
  • heads of key business functions
  • leaders of major business divisions and geographic regions
  • senior partners in leading professional services firms
  • individuals contemplating portfolio careers (potentially including FTSE NED appointments)

We have many years of experience in advising and assisting clients who are considering, anticipating or experiencing significant career change. Most often this is in the context of:

A career crossroads
Most senior executive careers reach a crossroads at some stage. Progress may be blocked by corporate upheaval or the arrival of a new CEO resulting in changes to the top team. Alternatively, a promotion might fail to materialise or a role may end following a period of perceived under-performance, potentially triggering reputational concerns. Others may desire a fresh challenge in a new sector, location or with greater wealth-creation opportunities

Portfolio career development
Many senior executives look forward to a portfolio career. Typically, they may aspire to FTSE NED appointments, meaningful advisory roles or to working with Private Equity. Additionally, they may wish to ‘give something back’ in the not-for-profit or public sectors. Such roles are in high demand and are usually subject to intense, high-calibre competition. A well-structured and realistic strategy is needed, including skilful, determined networking, as well as forging relationships with the right NED headhunters.

Single NED appointments
In some cases, with the backing of their company, individuals may seek a single NED appointment while still continuing their executive careers. This may be part of a ‘board-ready’ development plan or represent an agreed first step towards portfolio life. To secure such a role, a well-judged campaign is important to increase chances of success, as well as to reduce disruption to ‘the day job’.

Why choose Executive Action? 

Amongst the very small number of UK firms able to offer credible support at this level, we offer:

Executive Action has been advising senior people since 1985. To provide first-class board-level services, the expertise of Anne Isaacs has now been combined with that of Nick Aitchison, who has a network and track record developed over 20 years (advising nearly 100 business leaders at Stork & May, conducting over 120 leadership and cross-border searches at Russell Reynolds, and NED searches for FTSE 100, 250 and AIM companies).

An individualised approach
Each client has wholly individual achievements, ambitions and needs. Experience shows that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is neither appropriate nor cost-effective at this level. We tailor our services tightly to individual circumstances. This enables us to:

  • focus on the essentials for success
  • achieve early campaign momentum when appropriate
  • propose the right duration of service for the individual (typically ranging from 6-months to open-ended)
  • in some cases, provide options to extend the service and for flexible fee arrangements

Value for money
Although working with us entails a significant investment (whether our fees are paid by the individual or the employer), our focused approach and flexible fee options ensure that we are highly competitive.